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LASIK Consultations in Houston, TX

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LASIK Consultations in Houston, TX

LASIK Consultations in Houston, TX

“Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis” or LASIK is rapidly becoming one of the more performed corrective surgeries. Some of the reasons it has become so popular has to do with its relatively low pain and effectiveness post-surgery.

The purpose of LASIK is mainly to reshape the cornea. Once reshaped properly, the cornea is able to better focus light into the retina, in turn providing more clear vision. During the procedure, the hinged flap is pulled out of the way so the surgeon is able to remove corneal tissue in order to precisely shape it. If a person is nearsighted, the surgeon is going to flatten the cornea that may be too-steep. If a person is farsighted, the cornea needs to have a shape that is steeper. Astigmatism is corrected by reshaping the corneal completely from an abnormal shape.



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